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1959 Chevy Viking Bus Gets a Hippie-Chic Makeover (11 photos)

October 9, 2017 Posted by: Administrator

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4 Ideas for Saving Space and Money, From This Week’s Stories (4 photos)

October 8, 2017 Posted by: Administrator

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The Most Popular New Wine Cellar Photos on Houzz (11 photos)

October 7, 2017 Posted by: Administrator

I have to admit that whenever I’m rounding up pictures for a wine storage story, my expectation is that they will all look the same, but they never do. Perhaps the most popular wine cellar photos added to Houzz recently …Read More

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Sherwin Williams’ Pick for 2018’s Hottest Color

October 6, 2017 Posted by: Administrator

By Melissa Dittmann Tracey, REALTOR® Magazine A rich blue with jewel-toned greens is forecasted to be 2018’s hottest color of the year, according to Sherwin Williams, which unveiled its 2018 Color of …Read More

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8 Trends From the Most Popular Garages on Houzz (9 photos)

October 5, 2017 Posted by: Administrator

Although often thought of as a purely utilitarian space, garages are no longer design afterthoughts. Homeowners and design pros have upped the garage ante, as seen in the most popular garages added to Houzz in the past three months. …Read More

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Get Pumpkins! And More Ways to Make the Most of This Weekend (7 photos)

October 4, 2017 Posted by: Administrator

The leaves are turning, the pumpkins are ripening on the vine, and the apple cider is fresh and cold — it must really be fall! Make the most of your weekend with a mix of good-to-dos (care for your trees) …Read More

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Houzz TV: Candy-Corn Candles for Halloween or Anytime (9 photos)

October 3, 2017 Posted by: Administrator

Although these candy corns aren’t edible, they will still delight Halloween party guests who sit down at the table. Follow along and learn how to make these three-colored candles, along with a tablescape that shows off their sweetness.

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Add Some Pumpkin Spice to Your Autumn Staging

October 2, 2017 Posted by: Administrator

By Melissa Dittmann Tracey, REALTOR® Magazine It’s pumpkin season and that means pumpkin everything — lattes, muffins, cookies, cakes, and, yes, even home décor. Home stagers are adding a little “pumpkin spice” to their decor, from the welcoming fall scent to …Read More

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Hurricane Maria: How You Can Help the People of Puerto Rico (5 photos)

October 1, 2017 Posted by: Administrator

Hurricane Maria has created a humanitarian crisis for the 3.5 million people on Puerto Rico, with power outages, damaged buildings and flooding affecting recovery efforts. Here are some ways to donate or volunteer to help the island’s hurricane victims, as …Read More

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Fall Is Calling: What to Do in Your October Garden (10 photos)

September 30, 2017 Posted by: Administrator

I like having options — from which flavor of tea to drink after lunch to which route I’ll take to walk home. Gardening this month is no different. Whether you’re after garden chores or perhaps some seasonal puttering, it’s …Read More

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