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Bestselling Bar Stools With Free Shipping (160 photos)

January 21, 2018 Posted by: Administrator

Outfit your industrial-style home bar with distressed stools or invite guests to gather around the kitchen island with upholstered seats. No matter your style or space, there’s a stool here to suit you, and you won’t pay anything for shipping.

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Houzz Tour: More Character for an Industrial Loft in Toronto (11 photos)

January 20, 2018 Posted by: Administrator

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Show Us Your Home in the Snow (3 photos)

January 19, 2018 Posted by: Administrator

With most of the East Coast blanketed in snow from winter storm Inga, we hope you are staying warm and safe. Many parts of the South got a rare glimpse of snow, and it has been freezing cold. If you’re …Read More

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The Savvy Staircase: 7 Ways to Get More Use Out of Your Landing (9 photos)

January 18, 2018 Posted by: Administrator

Stair landings — those resting spots in the middle of a staircase or at its top — are often underused real estate in the home. But a little planning can help you make better use of it, whether your space …Read More

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A Cool Color Palette Enhances Light in a Toronto Kitchen (4 photos)

January 17, 2018 Posted by: Administrator

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8 Bathroom Mirror Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of (8 photos)

January 16, 2018 Posted by: Administrator

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, and that can lead to some fun — and also to some frustrating dilemmas. If you’re having trouble coming up with the right bathroom mirror, try reflecting on the following out-of-the-ordinary ideas. They …Read More

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A Model of Green Living Inside and Out (10 photos)

January 15, 2018 Posted by: Administrator

Many of us dream of living off the grid in a self-sustaining home, complete with chicken coops, a vegetable garden and thoughtful environmental features. It seems as though this would be possible only in the country, and when life demands …Read More

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Highest-Rated Bar Stools for Every Budget (157 photos)

January 14, 2018 Posted by: Administrator

Outfit your kitchen island with stools that have the accolades of Houzz shoppers. With options in every style, items in this collection will win you over too. Source …Read More

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White Kitchen Fatigue?

January 13, 2018 Posted by: Administrator

By Melissa Dittmann Tracey, REALTOR® Magazine Are homeowners growing tired of the all-white kitchen? Some design experts believe so. White kitchens have been popular over the past few years, but Houzz editor and writer Mitchell Parker predicts that the number of …Read More

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Up to 75% Off Bathtubs and Showers (139 photos)

January 12, 2018 Posted by: Administrator

With shower stalls, soaking tubs and more, this roundup has all you need to create a spa-like bath retreat. And with everything up to 75% off, there’s no better time to update your bath.Sale ends January 17, 2018

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